Stone Brewing Company
Mocha IPA (A Style-Defying Double India Pale Ale With Cacao And Coffee)
American Double/Imperial IPA
12oz, Single
Somewhat modest one finger head of tan foam, mixed bubble sizes and irregular surface, the lacing forms broad splotches but oddly lacks the stickiness expected. Deep amber red colored liquid, close to a metallic glow, serious amount of particulate floating throughout, only a few bubbles visible. The nose is forceful and comes as advertised with loads of chocolate, malted milk balls, coffee and then dark wet hops, pulped grapefruits, pine and an unexpected burst of something like cayenne pepper, any fruit scents remain in the background. Full-bodied with an extremely creamy mouth feel, the carbonation is all fluff and no bite. Oodles of chocolate, marshmallow and caramel, initially lower in terms of any roast or coffee. Pushes the hoppy bite to the mid-palate if not further, pine, grapefruit, pepper but not overly grassy. Very spicy. Here the pineapple, peach, nectarine fruit gets more assertive. When that fades, then you receive that coffee roast lingering after you swallow. Really saturates your taste buds and persist for some time. Manages its ABV well and does not tire you out drinking it, still two bottles would likely be the most to manage in one sitting.
5 out of 5