GingerBeard (Fiery English Beer With Added Ginger)
Herbed/Spiced Beer
16.9oz, Single
Modest half finger head of just off-white foam, for what's there it has good retention, the lacing though is wispy and ends up more like dots. The liquid is pure and transparent, a washed out rust orange hue, more red than yellow, the bubbles are few and widely dispersed. There's a little soft maltiness to the nose but, of course, it's a ginger fest, raw dough to freshly cooked bread and molasses, maybe some apple fruit but it sticks closely to ginger, ginger and more ginger. Full-bodied and arguably heavier than expected, the carbonation seems light through the attack but by the time you swallow it's foaming up inside your mouth. More grain to cereal here than bread, cocoa lurks in the background, molasses, orange peel, maybe nutty at turns. The ginger brings a pleasing heat, not overboard. Given its weight and the punch of the ginger the finish is short. Could use an element designed to sweeten the end and reduce the sting. Otherwise, it's inoffensive and a notch above simple.
3 out of 5