Back in KansasCity to babysit the GrandSons, I spent time catching up on reading articles from the WineTerroirist blog:
by of my daily reads to scout out interesting wine articles around the Web.

From this reading there in KansasCity, I discover that:

1. In Styria/Austria, the steepness of the vnyds (to which I can testify, there are some seriously steep vnyds in this region that should be much better known) uniquely allows the SauvBlanc grape to express the Styrian terroir. Hmmm...too bad the folks in Bdx and the Loire don't have this advantage so their SauvBlancs can express their unique terroirs.

2. The use of whole-cluster ferments allows the grapes, particularly PinotNoir, to better express the terroir of the site upon which they were grown. Bet there's a lot of winemakers out there who struggle to express terroir in their wines who didn't know that fact.

3. That the Norton grape is ideally suited to express the unique terroir of OsageCnty/MO. Since terroir is the be-all/end-all in greatness for any wine, those OsageCnty farmers should quit messing around w/ Vignoles and MissouriRiesling ( MissouriRiesling) ) and get on the Norton bandwagon.
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. With the grandson in tow, any culinary adventures in KansasCity were pretty much not agonna happen. Did have two very good lunches (whilst Caleb was in school) at TanninWineBar (highly recommended). We did have two very good pizzas at PizzeriaLocale ("PapawHill...the crust is burnt" as he noticed some black spots on the crust..he being a big PapaJohn's Pizza fan). The PizzeriaLocale in Boulder, of BobbyStuckey and Lachlan, is one of the really great pizza joints in the US (as good as Rosso or Pizzeria DiAvola) and the wine list is incredible. With the efforts of the guy who owns Chipotle, they are expanding/franchising PizzeriaLocale. It doesn't hold a candle to the original Boulder PizzeriaLocale. The oven is not wood-fired, but gas-fired. The pizzaiola guy said they run the oven at 1,000 deg F. Find that a bit hard to believe. The "feel" is strictly out of Chipotle, the lines to order you pizza and whatever. Rush/rush to get you thru. Only a BobbyStuckey Bianco & Rosso, which were pretty quotidian, if that good. But the ingredients and the crust was good and it sure beats heck out of PapaJohn's and PizzaHut. The three PizzeriaLocales in KC are worth doing take-out, and then drinking good wine at home on your own.

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