A very/very interesting article by JasonWilson on WineMosaic, a Paris-based organization devoted to rescuing near-extinct grape varieties in Europe:
WineMosaic .

The tour is in the Alpine regions, both France & Suisse, mostly in the Savoie.

NicolasGonin scoffs at the idea of taking Verdesse, or any of these other local grapes of Savoie, and transplanting them to Calif...that these grapes are inextricably linked to their local place & culture. I suspect if he had the opportunity to taste MtVeeder Mondeuse (Noire), one of the World's great Mondeuses, he might change his mind.
I've had a number of these varieties..Persan, Jacquere, HumagneBlanche. Am dying to try some of the others. Perhaps my next trip to Europe will include the Savoie???

Anyway, quite an interesting read for any of you that are growing tired of the Cabernet/Chard paradigm.

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