Mission Brewery
Hard Root Beer (Specialty Malt Beverage)
Herbed/Spiced Beer
12oz, Single
Not any head but can't say it was expected, there is a gigantic amount of surface sizzle during the pour though. Cloudy dark brown liquid with a yellow tint at the edges, the bubbles are fine yet visibly active throughout the haze. The nose is spicy with a definite root beer smell, spearmint and at times evokes ginger, very light vanillin undercurrent, gently medicinal yet with a strong scrubbing, cleansing sensation in the nostrils. Full-bodied, the carbonation lends tickle during the mouth entry but has little staying power. More basic root beer base, here there's more vanillin influence and the mintiness more like anisette. Has a grassiness to it which is hard to figure, not sure what it was supposed to add. The alcohol does make the finish slightly rough. But the lingering tingle is not altogether unpleasant. Not great, not horrible, if one were really in the mood for alcoholic root beer this would fit the bill but not something this imbiber will revisit.
2 out of 5