Wicked Weed Brewing
Marina (American Sour Ale Fermented With Peaches And Apricots)
American Wild Ale
North Carolina
16.9oz, Single
Pours a big two plus finger head of airy foam that evaporates as quickly as it appeared, tilting the glass will produce a thin layer of lacing but this too does not last, everything is bleached white while present. Hard to imagine more visible bubbles inside the glass, it's a maelstrom in there wall-to-wall, the liquid is a semi-pale golden color, bright and crystal clear (except for all the bubbles). The nose is tart and piercing, plenty of green apple, pear and sour white citrus, quite vinous with sour oaky bite rather than vanillin sweetness, dried hay and straw, honeyed, really too sour for any of the apricot, peach fruit to create a lasting presence. Light-bodied, has very good lift in the mouth due both to the general sourness as well as the consistent carbonated froth. With this lighter body the oak takes on even more presence and comes close to dominance. More "pit fruit" character to the peach, apricot than fleshy pulp, has the usual green apple, grape as well and infrequent hints at underripe pineapple. Stony and perhaps subtly bretty, has a clean funkiness desirable in the style. Fresh finish, palate activated for more. Could stand to have more depth and resonance in the primary flavors rather than depend on zippy mouth feel to impress.
3 out of 5