Marcarini Barolo Brunate 1998

14% - imported by Empson

Marcarini is a traditional, dependable producer, with a good quality to price ratio. Brunate is one of the famous vineyards of the region, partially in Barolo and partially in La Morra.

This wine had an intense / strong nose and palate that got more intense with good acid. The structure was low. It had a rose nose. There were oak-like notes in both the nose and palate. It tasted of iron, minerals, mushrooms and earth with good balance, acid, concentration and richness.Cool menthol nose like other mature Brunate barolos. High quality but marred by the vintage. I liked the 1995 a lot more. Too extracted, a bit unbalanced, disjointed with some harsh notes. Not that distinctive by the end. A little "raw". Decanted one hour. It improved initially but then moved into harsh and disjointed territory. It seems as if this wasn't the best bottle. I think I have another so we'll get to compare. This wine might just be needing another decade, but I wouldn't say that with any confidence.

I served seared duck breasts with morel sauce, pasta and fava beans with prosciutto. This is third fava bean recipe from the Silver Spoon cookbook I've made and they've all been very good.

I have great memories of drinking the '95 of this wine in a campground in the dark where I made venison medallions in a dutch oven over the campfire!

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