Podere Il Palazzino Grosso Sanese Chianti Classico Tuscany 2006

Much as it was a little over a year ago, this is producing a flavors to savor .... but some patience will be well rewarded if you can keep your hands off this a bit longer. Plenty of sour cherry and black cherry on the attack that are then followed by baking spices. The finish is all English riding leather and balsamic notes. The mouthfeel delivers a silky pleasure. Some serious sediment with the first pour and the last 3 pours. HUUUUUGGGeee sediment. 13% alc. With chicken Parmesan. 05.08.16. Highly Recommended.

Fattoria Le Terrazze Rosso Conero Marches Italy 2012

Deep purple remains the color of this from rim to core. Cherry, tar, black, olive and some anise or basil take and hold the stage from opening to closing curtain (with a long ovation of a finish). While approachable now, it still will improve with 5 years fully develop all of its nuances. Sediment is precipitating out in large chunks along with some tartrates. 13.5% alc. With tomato, mushroom and sausage over pasta. 10.27.16. Recommended.

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