Got a catalog from Wine Country Gift Baskets in Fullerton/CA. Lots of labels I've never done did heard of.
The wines are sourced from the Houdini Collection of Wines ( They include the labels: Houdini/Cliffside/HobsonEstate/Kiarna/Steeplechase/Talaria/BarrelHoops/Blakemore/BriarCreek/BrickLane/Callister/CrossRidgePeak/EastPoint/Edenbrook/LittleLakes/RockFalls/VintnersPath/WindWhistle/VitiDellaTerra.
Most have a Calif appellation. AreaCode gives an OrangeCounty source. Contact is Hilarie Spater, Director of Training & Development at Wine Country Gift Baskets.
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Houdini and Wine Country Gift Baskets have been in the wine business, sourcing and selling wine, for over 30 years. During this time we have tasted thousands of wines and met a variety of characters including some of the best wine grape growers and winemakers in California. These relationships have allowed us to source our own grapes and work with the winemakers to create many wines that we know our customers and their gift recipients will enjoy.

Cutting out the middlemen allows us to remain involved in the entire process. Through our connections, we directly source the best California grapes and work with our winemaker to produce the consistently good wines that Houdini/Wine Country Gift Baskets have become known for over the last several years. Less people involved gives us more control so we can produce higher quality wines at a much better price than you will find elsewhere. And much of the grapes and juice that we use to produce this wine comes from some of the premier growing regions and vineyards around California, names you would instantly recognize. However, for obvious reasons, we have assured these vineyard owners that we wouldn’t disclose their identities.

This seems like a really good deal...prices are reasonable. Should I be ordering these so I can brag that I followed HoudiniWines from the very start?? Anybody know who Hillarie is? Is she a hot wine chick I should get to know?? :-)

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