Well, it's out and about, Wine Speculator's list of the top 100 wines. It's available here for a full viewing.
It contains some incredible surprises. First, the number of $30 and under wines ... including a number of $20 and under wines. (That's a good thing. If I've learned one piece of information from this board, it's that good wine doesn't have to cost big dollars.) But then there are some very odd surprises, such as Korbel Brut. Korbel?! Really? Granted, I've not tried it for a very long time and I'm certainly open to trying it. But next to the other Brut listed, Dme Carneros, I'd be surprised if it showed well.

I'm very happy to see the St. Cosme CdR on the list but for the fact it will now become more expensive and harder to find. It's always an over performer to my mind.

A number of other surprises as well, both as to what's on and not on the list.

Thoughts anyone?

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