Nicely done article by FloFabricant in today's NYTimes on Lambrusco:

I,like most others, blew off Lambrusco as a serious wine yrs ago, when the sweet/fizzy Riunite was in its hey-day. It still is not serious, though Flo argues it is "complicated". Not sure I can agree w/ that...but, whatever.

But my revelation came so 10 yrs ago or so. I was eating at Oliveto/RockRidge and ordered the charcuterie plate. I asked their wine-guy what wine he recommended. He related that they had a Lambrusco I should try. It was OliverMcCrum's Barbolini:
I gave him this cock-eyed look of incredulity. He pressed his case, so...what the heck!!
Holy cow....this is a great match. So much so that I had two more glasses.
Anyway, the article is nicely done. I may go out and buy a Riunite tonight. I'll report back.

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