Produtorri del Barbaresco Barbaresco 2001

14% Imported By Vias, NY

Price tag $32

Opened and recorked at 1 PM, decanted at 3 or 4 for dinner at 7. My first 2001 Barolo or Barbaresco.

Cool menthol, rose nose.Spicy and acidic on the palate. Rich nose and palate.Strawberry, raspberry, structure and depth. Deep rose nose. Clove, structure. Really nice. My last word I cannot read (typical) and it looks like balsamic which I've always wanted to use in a tasting note but never have.

There was a tiny glass the next day and it was smoother, richer, warmer and sweeter. Real easy to drink. Very, very nice on this second day.

Recommended with lots of air. Will last for a long time.

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