Pisgah Brewing Company
Cosmos Belgian-Style Baltic Porter (Winter 2016)
Belgian Strong Dark Ale
North Carolina
22oz, Single
Pours an extremely thin head which struggles to cover the surface and then quickly does not, small random splotches for lacing with no stickiness. The liquid is black in spite of being obviously squeaky clean and unblemished, you do get the transparency along the more orange colored rims, hardly any visible bubbles. The nose has a medicinal, witch hazel quality to match the heavy coffee roast element, chocolaty, cherry syrup, sweet enough that the yeasts get a bit cloaked, more nutty by turns, after a little warming the banana notes gain strength, overall kind of like a German chocolate cake. In the mouth it's medium-bodied with most of its heft expended through the attack, fizzles out by the end. That said, plenty of intensity to the mocha, cola bean, vanilla to cafe au lait flavors, has more fizziness than expected, prevents a full-on creaminess, Plum, cherry to raisin fruit, more concentrated and sugary than juicy. Starts to get some ginger, cinnamon spice going but something like quinine balances it out. Overall, tastes like a baked good, you want it with dessert. High drinkability.
4 out of 5

Edited by Marc Hanes (12-08-2016 20:34:41)