I got into the game late and the wines I wanted were all gone or in very short supply and expensive. Got me three bottles of JJ Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Auslese, my #1 priority.

Drinking a Steinmetz Geierslay "Sur Lie" right now which is electric and quite touched by the sur lie element. Interesting wine.

Got a few Schloss Lieser, Schafer-Frolich, Zilliken, Reinhold Haart, von Schubert, Willi Schaefer, and Julian Haart for the cellar. Hoping to end up with about two mixed cases from the vintage. When I look at what the same wine cost for the 2001 vintage it's night and day. Can't buy with the reckless abandon I did back then.

Anyone try any Richter? I have had better luck with their higher end stuff, less so the basic stuff. But the prices are still fair, relatively speaking. I feel like I need to grab quickly before the window of opportunity is closed. That's how they get you, man.