Nervi Poderi Dei Ginepri Riserva del Titolare 1964 (Vino Rosso Del Cru)

13% / 720ml / Imported by Vieux Vins, CA (recent sticker which toutes this as a 750 ml!)

This is before labeling requirements for Gattinara but this is 100% Gattinara. Probably 100% Nebbiolo but not positive.

The cork slid out way too easy and the wine suffers for it. A shadow of the 1967 version of this wine. It's not bad but more like a Nebbiolo d'Alba. None of the intense young fresh fruit that the '67 had. You could easily have mistaken the '67 for a very young wine but not this one. It had some nice moments but I think there was some degradation of the wine via the cork. It wasn't oxidized at all, which I think the Gattinara wines have a natural resistance to. Acidic, classic but no trophy here.

We had this with the historic Xmas dish, Capon stuffed with walnuts, in which you debone the capon and boil it. We then made duck stuffed ravioli and boiled them in the capon broth and had them with sage butter sauce.


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