Terre del Barolo Barolo Riserva Baudana 1990

14% / bottle #3719 out of 16,000 / Imported By Rare Wine, CA

Terre del Barolo is a coop which is capable of producing very nice wines but the quality is variable.

Baudana is a historic vineyard in Serralunga. This my first Baudana and I have a vertical from various producers - '78,'82,'89, 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2010. Unfortunately we were not off to a great start.

This is the fifth Barolo Riserva I have had from the coop from 1990 and my last. Two were excellent (Monvigliero and Parussi) and the others were just fair.

My notes read: Prune-bomb. Gets better with air but not complex. Not acidic. Coffee, blood, iron on the nose. Poignant nose. Earthy, rose nose. Dirt, tannic, intense, unbalanced, disappointing, low sediment, needs air, gets sweet, great, mature modern barolo. Is off initially.
Prune bomb eases but not much. Needs 4 to 5 hour decant.

Interesting reading my notes the next morning because I don't remember thinking it ever got "great" but i was tired after a long weekend. We didn't get home in time to really decant the wine enough.

We had this with some split goat loin from Nicky's USA. The meat was very flavorful in a good way but the cut was poor. Easter Kid recipe from the Silver Spoon cookbook.

The prune thing was weird and i did not enjoy it. It wasn't over-ripe just weird. I've had prune flavors before in Barolo and I don't think I've ever enjoyed them.


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