Curious how there's a lack of energy around another state closing up to out of state retailer shipping, more specifically Michigan. Boring thread on it on Berserkers, Wark not able to muster much enthusiasm for The Good Fight. I see more dominoes falling and more states getting tough on alcohol shipping. I can afford to be nonchalant since most of the wine I want I can get in NYC or New Jersey -- and probably more so if the retailers there can't ship, less competition for small production wines.

What was really interesting to me was that this bill was sponsored by a state senator named Peter MacGregor. A quick Google search shows that his third largest campaign contributor was the “Michigan Beer & Wine Wholesalers Association PAC” who has donated $16,165 to his campaigns since 2011.

That's *not* a lot of money! Hell, Wine Searcher should have tripled that to MacGregor and told him to fight anyone trying to pass a no-shipping bill and W-S would still come out ahead financially.

Crazy times, end of times. Can't ship to Illinois, now can't to Michigan. Lots of retailers out there built business models on e-commerce, not going to bode well going forward.