Le Rocce Gattinara Poderi Jerbion 1988 (Francoli)

Bottle #436 12% (Back label says 11.4%)

The label has a nice two tone drawing of Poderi Jerbion, the Jerbion farm or estate in Gattinara (Alto Piedmont).

Francoli is a grappa maker out of Ghemme. They now market Gattinara under the Torraccia del Piantavigna name.

This was very fresh, typical,very crisp, acidic, nice nose, very young tasting, very little fruit. This will last for a long time but I doubt it will get better. I expected more from what looks like a single vineyard Gattinara but it was just ok. The lack of fruit, imposing structure or any kind of fireworks put in the just ok class. On the other hand, Torraccia del Piantavigna Gattinara isn't garnering any great reviews either so maybe I should have known. Went well with the roast boar from the Silver Spoon cookbook.


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