Tenuta Carretta Barolo Cannubi 1990

13.5% Imported by Winebow NY / Lenardo Locascio Selections - Rome

This was weird when it was opened, hard to put my finger on it but not very Barolo-like. It was decanted for 2 hours beforehand. It got better as we drank it and resembled a barolo more but still wasn't extremely typical. It improved but not enough for me. My wife liked it more. I liked it more as it went on but it wasn't very precise or memorable or typical. A bit flabby and round for my taste. This is line with the other notes on this wine. I was hoping mine would be different! I know that this winery went modern around this time but I thought that 1990 was still made in a traditional fashion. From this bottle, it appears not. I have a few more of this wine from different sources - some purchased on release from my local grocery store. But this one was from auction. It will be interesting to see if the others are different or the same. I remember having one of these many years ago and it didn't show much then either. This time was better though. I think they are known for long aging wines (pre 1990).

I'm on the fence as to whether further aging would benefit this wine.