Almanac Beer Co.
Citra Sour (Sour Blonde Ale Aged In Wine Barrels & Dry Hopped With Citra)
American Wild Ale
12.68oz, Single
Bone white head, close to two fingers, very light and airy with wispy lacing at most. Bright golden hued liquid with a burnished shine to it, the bubbles are both widely dispersed and quite active, regenerate constantly. Grassy and leafy nose with a pronounced burst of lemon to pink grapefruit citrus, light peatiness, vinous unto vinegar, mango, star fruit and passion fruit scents, more impressive for how it slices into the nostrils than for breadth of aromas. Medium-bodied, all those bubbles turn into a pleasantly prickly carbonation, fits the sour oak and wet leafiness well. The passion fruit, pineapple, melon flavors dominate here, pushing the citrus back a notch. The more you sip the more it leaves a dry, tacky residue in the mouth. Vague yeasty breadiness and scone notes not really able to soften it much, not that this would be desirable. Lasts well after you swallow, plenty of retronasal resonance. You could call it a bit of a one trick pony but it is a helluva trick and as sessionable as a beer of this nature can get, would have put down a second or maybe third bottle had they been on hand.
5 out of 5