Tahoe Mountain Brewing Co.
Recolte Du Bois (Ale Aged 9 Months In Cabernet Wine Barrels)
American Wild Ale
16.9oz, Single
Highly agitated head, mostly larger bubbles with no real retention, like souffle about to fall, down to the surface swiftly, no lacing to speak of. The liquid is a light amber orange hue, on the whole clear, can't imagine more bubbles crammed inside a glass, looks like someone put an air hose into it. The nose is musty like stale attic air, cardboard (not the corked kind of smell), mutter of earth and wet wood, close to no fruit nor citrus presence, inert. Medium-bodied, here the oak offers both toast and vanillin creaminess and throws off the, whole mouth entry, lurches. Some apricot to plum/prune flavors, orange marmalade, no conviction to them. Has an odd syrupy texture, more so because it's not like it is gluing any flavor to your palate. The carbonation is high and there tends to be more random big "pops" than a steady prickle. The sourness gets lost in the staleness. Did not come close to finishing the bottle.
1 out of 5

Edited by Marc Hanes (01-22-2017 11:14:31)