New Glarus Brewing Company
Raspberry Tart (Wisconsin Ale Brewed With Raspberries)
Fruit/Vegetable Beer
25.4oz, Single
Minuscule head, about half a finger, reddish tan in hue, openly knit and swiftly gone, close to no lacing. Cloudy liquid, ruby red color, browns some before a touch orange at the surface, hyperactive bubbles, large and eager to break the surface. The nose is all honeyed pie crust and molasses and raspberry compote, slight vinegary bite to it, some orange zest, not complex but that was not expected, just pure "truth in advertising" appeal. Full-bodied and feels heavy at times. The carbonation is adequate, not weak but perhaps would need to be extra strong to push through to when you swallow. Cinnamon, nutmeg and honey, more lemon here than orange. The raspberry is sweet and sour, closer to strawberry than blackberry in nature. Graham cracker pie crust and hint of cola, dries towards the finish and again with a vinous bite. Shows restraint while also meeting every promise it makes. Not much more to say as the flavors are few and concentrated. And they sure are good.
4 out of 5