Almanac Beer Co.
Saison de Brettaville (Brettanomyces Ale Aged In White Wine Barrels)
Saison/Farmhouse Ale
Pure white head, smooth surface with minimal density and hence little retention, the lacing starts out well but has zero stickiness and is gone quickly. The liquid is a mildly hazy golden hue with a very large amount of bubbles, the veritable storm in a glass. Forceful nose of orange zest, flowers, crackers, pine and then a dank herbaceousness, even tarry, not getting much vinous accent, on the whole it's clean in spite of that wet leafiness. Medium-bodied, bitter and dry, based on what it looks like the carbonation is mellow and more creamy than prickly. More white to pink grapefruit here than orange citrus, thus a bit tarter. Overall, the mouth feel is soft and expansive. Whisper of that tarriness and pine and violets but much lower herbaceousness. Conversely, more clarity to the apricot, apple, peach to papaya fruit. Some yeast and cracker but not really "doughy" in a substantial manner. The wine barrel treatment helps frame the mouth entry. Leaves you wishing it would pause and sink into the palate more to maximize flavor intensity and enjoyment.
3 out of 5