Mauro Veglio Barolo Vigneto Rocche 1996

14% A Marc De Grazia Selections / imported by Skurnik, NY

This wine is from the famous vineyard in the La Morra district (not to be confused with Rocche's in other communes). Veglio was/is part of the infamous De Grazio stable of modernist producers. I believe Veglio is a protege of Altare and used to make his wine there. Not positive though.

This is the third of six 1996 Veglio Barolos that I purchased on pre-arrival due to their low price and decent scores from Parker, before I knew about this place. I've already had the Arborina, which I've concluded was corked and the Castalletto (Castallerro?) which I have a link to below.

If I was to name my personal lowest rated producer in my cellar, it would be Veglio. I've often thought of selling them but I wouldn't get much money and I always wanted to see how they would turn out. So I was absolutely floored when this turned out to be a really excellent wine. Leaving it decanted for 7 hours was crucial, I think.

Opened and recorked for 2 hours, decanted for 7. When first opened the nose was a nasty blackberry syrup, worse than any grocery store wine! I quickly imagined the sink and wine going down it.

"Intense nose, clearly modern nose with old wood. Smooth rose on the palate. Oaky but precise. Poignant nose.Good balance, acid. Nice concentration. Cool, menthol. Dry and rich, fairly intense, really intense nose. Oaky but it is ok, sort of. Rich, easy drinking, great texture (unusual somehow) and savory. Major dark cherry. Really intense nose and palate. Excellent wine. Very modern."

Totally surprised to write all that and glad I have another. Ready to open it tonight. Testimony to the vintage and vineyard. Oddly enough, I had a sip just before dinner out of the decanter and it was a "dry" bomb - one of the dryest wines I've had in ages. But strangely, it wasn't like that when we had it with dinner.

Highly recommended with 5-7 hour decant. Not sure how long this will last. Probably a long time.