1. 2014 B+G Bordeaux. Sample. Not a bad little bottle of very basic Bordeaux. Drinkable. Not sure what retail would be. Grade: B.

2. Veuve du Vernay, Brut. A pretty tasty little sparkler from somewhere in France. No info on the label about place or grape. Gade: B.

3. 2015 Zenato, Lugana, "San Benedetto". Sample. Beautiful white from the shores of Lake Garda. Not sure of retail price. Fresh, crisp, clean with lots of flavor. For fish, shellfish or white meats. Grade: B+.

4. 2015 Eola Hills, Pinot Gris, Winemaker's Reserve. $13.99. Quite boring and disappointing for an Oregon PG. Lacks freshness and fruit and charm. Grade: Drinkable.

5. 2015 Le Poggere "Est Est Est". Sample. Another fresh and crisp Italian white that I enjoyed drinking. Easily the best example of this DOC I have had, which is not saying that much. smile Drinkable: B+.

6. 2014 Love Noir, "Satin Red Blend". $9.99. Like their Pinot Noir, this is sweet, goopy and "Wine By Committee", and the peeps love it. laugh Grade: Drinkable.

7. 2014 La Griviliere, Cotes du Rhone. $9.99. As simple and basic a CdR as you can find. Somewhat boring. Grade: barely a B.

8. 2015 Fattoria del Cerro, Chianti Colli Senesi. A very nice example of this DOCG, simple but fun, fruity, juicy acidity, cherries, light bodied, pretty cherry red color, what this wine should be. Wish it were $9.99 though. Grade: B+.

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