Ciao famiglia,

My friend had winemaker Danilo Nada and his wife over for a few nights and we had dinner and tasted a number of vinos with him.

1. 2012 Fiorenzo Nada, Barbaresco, "Manzola". Just released, traditional style Barbaresco aged in botti. Beautiful light cherry red color, floral nose, spicy red cherry and raspberry fruit, good acidity, light tannins, shows lots of promise. Drinkable now but give it 5+ years or more if you can to let it blossom. Grade: B+/A-.

2. 2011 Fiorenzo Nada, Barbaresco, "Rombone". Their next step up in the family, from old vines, it has a deeper, richer nose and slightly fuller body than the Manzola. Quite good, it needs time also, give it 5+ years as well, or more. Grade: B+/A-, maybe even an A when mature.

3. 2010 Nino Negri, Valtellina Superiore, "Inferno". Fascinating wine, it is very light in color, more like a dark rose than a red (I loved that), extremely floral nose of rose, spice and red cherry, light bodied mouthfeel, good acidity, no noticeable tannin, delicious fruit, just a really nice wine and change of pace from most of what I have to try nowadays. smile Hand carried from Italy by Danilo. Ready to drink. Would love to find some here in the US. Grade: B+/A-.

4. 2010 Travaglini, Gattinara normale. Also brought from Italy. Beautiful wine from Northern Piedmont, it is darker, deeper, richer and more complex than the Inferno. Drinks well now but has more good years ahead of it. Grade: B+/A-.

Dinner was roast duck and roast pork from the Chinatown in Philly. A good match for the wines.

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