Pisgah Brewing Company
Chocolatized (Imperial Stout Flavored With Cocoa Nibs) (Winter 2016)
American Stout
North Carolina
22oz, Single
Around a finger of dense, dark brown foam, random mix of bubble sizes, retention is good but not incredible, the lacing is a razor thin sheet spread broadly. While the liquid is jet black it leaves you with the impression of cleanliness and that it would be transparent rather than murky if a lighter shade, you can see tiny bubbles break on the surface. The nose has a good deal of roast to it without seeming bitter, chocolate of course plus vanilla fudge, caramel and a hint of mint, not yeasty, very clean, if anything more earthy than sweet, measured dissolve, not short but not striving to be washed out of your nostrils. Medium-bodied, the carbonation fluffs up the mouth entry some but then turns successively drier as it moves across the palate. More bittersweet nature than roast to the chocolate, not puckering nor creamy, squarely in the middle. Hides the alcohol well. A few notes of quinine or mineral water. Here you get scone to pie crust accents but again not any real doughy, yeasty qualities. As it warms you notice an increasing amount of grill smoke and burnt meat fat through the finish. Sneaky complexity masked by high level of drinkability.
5 out of 5