Weyerbacher Brewing Company
Quad (Belgian-Style Quadrupel Ale)
Quadrupel (Quad)
12oz, 4-Pack
Pours a thin light tan head, maybe a quarter inch, not much retention but doesn't disappear immediately either, the lacing is close to nonexistent. The liquid is a filmy amber red to brown color, you can easily see particles floating as well as widely dispersed lazy bubbles, no real sediment at the bottle bottom though. When first opened the nose explodes with banana then settles into cola bean, molasses, yeast and pie crust flakes as well as green grapes, figs and dates, there's a vinous to boozy quality but no heat, overall it's actually fairly compact and concise. Medium-bodied, here too there's no extra words and has a pleasing directness. Not much carbonation yet on the dry side for the type. Not to say there's no persistence in the cherry, fig, golden raisin, banana fruit nor any lack of honey to molasses. Just not excessive. The yeastiness appears mostly at the end and then retronasally. The alcohol is more warm than burning. You could argue it might benefit from more flavor intensity but it seems intentionally crafted for drinkability.
3 out of 5