A rather interesting interview of Ian d'Agata by Emily O'Hare:
d'AgataInterview .

I particularly noted his comment:
Originally Posted By: "Ian"
Their future needs protecting! I owe it to them to make sure that some overly creative or ultra cool hipster producer doesn’t turn them into a joke or into something they never were. Ribolla Gialla, which is now being made as a white, pink, orange, macerated, still, sparkling and amphora-aged wine, is case in point. They have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at that poor grape.

with which I take issue. Sparkling RG has been around in Friuli for quite a long time, I think. The same could also be said PinotGrigio. I find all these renditions of RG fascinating and am all for them. But then, being an "ultra cool hipster", that's to be expected!! :-)

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