Three Floyds Brewing Company
Blood Of The Sunsets India Pale Ale
American IPA
22oz, Single
Pours a big two finger head of orange tinged tan lacing, whipped up and airy with so-so retention, lots of surface dimpling, very skimpy lacing. Cloudy orange-brown liquid, sort of like rusty water, healthy amount of large bubbles strewn about, no tight beads, can't see clearly through it. Thick dankness to the nose, wet leafy herbaceousness and cut summer grass, pine sap, pulped blood oranges and grapefruits and a whole lot of caramel, cocoa and toffee accents, at times even yeasty to doughy, sort of clumsy like it has not adjusted to an adolescent growth spurt. Full-bodied with a heaviness on the palate, conversely the carbonation does try hard to scrub and create tingle. Keen emphasis on grapefruit and orange citrus, similar to the nose. Here it's cleaner with a fresher grassy bite and less dankness. Pine, cola bean with a mentholated finish. The fruit is basically apricot, peach to pineapple, tropical on the sour side. The cocoa and caramel consistent without being as dominant as in the nose. Dry ending, helps accentuate the tartness and thus the grassiness and citrus. Good beer, flirts with it but not over the top, not stupendous.
3 out of 5