Interesting article in today's NYTimes by Eric on selecting wine glasses:

Eric pontificates:
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For some time now, glass producers have promoted the self-serving idea that every sort of wine requires a distinctive glass to intensify the aromas and flavors of the particular variety. This is nonsense.

OhOh...he's going to be in deep $hit w/ ole GeorgRiedel now.

He also comes out against stemless glasses:
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A few words about stemless glasses: I donít like them. Sure, tumblers are fine for unremarkable wines in casual situations. But for good wines, stemmed glasses are ideal. They can be held by the stem so that the temperature of the wine wonít be altered by the warmth of the hands, and so fingerprints wonít smudge the glass.

I find stemless glasses perfectly fine to use. I hold them by my fingertips, not in a full-hand grasp like a ham-handed Sabre fencer. I seriously doubt that there is any significant warming of the wine in the glass by my fingertips. As for the smudges on the stemless we say in Kansas...BFD!!
I've never seen the Libbey KentfieldEstate glasses he recommends for a budget glass.
Anyway...nothing profound for us wine geeks but an interesting read.