Stone Brewing Company
20th Anniversary Encore Series 02.02.02 Vertical Epic (Ale Brewed With Orange Peel & Spices)
22oz, Single
Crests at about one finger of pure white foam, dimples as the larger bubbles explode, retention is below average, not longlasting, the lacing likewise meager and wispy. Clear deep golden colored liquid with a good deal of widely dispersed bubbles which remain active long after the initial pour. The nose is on the aggressive side, penetrating with peppercorn, wheat and clove digging right in there, the yeast feels spent and not especially fresh and doughy, more so grassy and lemony in a biting fashion, however there is bubblegum and banana, not a lot of general fruitiness. Medium-bodied, somewhat hard-edged here too, all angles and not much smooth flow. Yeast, lees, bubblegum and then pepper, saline and sourdough bread to unprocessed grains. Here too there's minimal fruit, some peach, apricot echoes at best. Clove, coriander and sour lemons. It's not volatile because it feels so tightly wound. The carbonation is strong and churns as it progresses through the palate. Bitter at the end so there's no real "ahh" moment of relaxation with it and lacks the complexity to keep your attention fixed.
2 out of 5