The new April issue of Wine&Spirits magazine is out:
and it is a very good one...again.

There is a very interesting article by DavidSchildnecht on Austria's WeinViertel region. Has a number of the WineMonger producers highlighted. And IngridGroiss, one of my most favorite producers. The pic of Ingrid & her GrandMother is absolutely precious.

There is also an interesting article on the use of amphorae in Chianti. Many of those amphorae are actually crafted there in the region. The guy crafting these amphorae makes a very profound point that amphorae crafted from the soil of a particular vnyd and used to make that wine allows those grapes in that wine to display that terroir much better. Hmmmm...why is my BS antennae quivering???

Not available (yet) on-line. But worth buying off the newstand.