Luigi Moscone Barolo 1967


Moscone nell' Azienda Agricola S. Rocco - Serralunga d'Alba

720 ml, 13.5%

I initially wasn't interested in this wine because I kept confusing it with Mosconi in Monforte, which I had already passed on. However one wine store had a photo of it and with the S. Rocco / Serralunga address, I was a buyer. But this website also allowed you to look at the back of the bottle also where I saw, "Questo vino proviene dal tipico vitigno Nebbiolo coltivato esclusivamente nei commune di Serralunga d'Alba - S. Rocco, Castiglione Falletto, Barolo parte di Monforte, La Morra, Verduno, Grinzane". This interested me even further as I love the idea of the old multi commune blends. And here's one that appears to have as it's base, the San Rocco vineyard of Serralunga that Azelia now produces from and a vineyard that Galloni has rated fairly high.

The label also mentions, "botti di Rovere di Slavonia". Large traditional, Slavonian oak barrels.

The fill was base neck, the color was good, the cork came out decently and had Moscone stamped on it. It was opened and recorked for a few hours and then decanted for one hour.

It had a beautiful nose - very expressive of flowers and sweetness. I was excited! However the palate doesn't match the nose in its expressiveness. It had many of the same flavors - sweetness, coolness, menthol, iron and flowers. Decent balance and acidity. Didn't improve after we started in on it. Has some typical Serralunga flavors. I just couldn't get past how dilute the wine is, though. I think it's the most dilute of any recent Barolo that I can remember. Hard to recommend. It didn't seem like a storage or cork issue. There was some fruit and had it been a concentrated wine, it would have been superb. I suspect that grape selection, picking time or the addition of marginal vineyards from the communes of Verduno or Grinzane could be a factor.

I just picked up the 1974 of this wine as well as a 1974 Cantine S. Rocco. I ought to be able to get a better sense of the S. Rocco vineyard post consumption than I do now. I've have some of the Eradi Virginia Ferrero S. Rocco Barolo as well as their Classico/Normale but those didn't really give me a sense of the vineyard. So we'll see how it goes and report back.

The funny-ish part was the cooking restrictions. The last time we had barolo, I had this awkwardly shaped roast that would only fit into the lower larger oven. After being unable to get the temperature over 150 degrees in 30 minutes, my wife reminded me that it was broken. So I switched and braised the roast on the stove top. This time, I remembered at the last minute that the lower wasn't working so I was trying to come up with a meal that I could make in the upper smaller oven. However, a couple of days before this dinner, our "+" button where we can increase the temperature, broke. So, now I was still able to use the upper smaller oven but I couldn't get the temperature over 350 degrees. So, stove top or use very small oven with normal broil or bake only under 350! So we made seared duck breasts with mashed potatoes and a porcini gravy warmed in the 350 oven! Good match.


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