1. 2016 Santa Luz, Sauv. Blanc "Alba", Chile, $7.99. A real good QPR on this wine, it is loaded with citrus flavors, excellent acidity, and good intensity of flavor for the price. One of the better SBs I have tasted from Chile. Grade: solid B/B+.

2. 2015 Gnarley Head, Pinot Grigio, CA, $7.99. They do a pretty nice PG for the price, lots of nice pear and apple fruit, medium acidity, medium intensity, no complaints here, but it is not the steal their SB from Monterey is! Grade: B.

3. 2015 Dom. de la Foret, Rose. $9.99. South of France. Pretty salmon color but the nose and flavor really lack intensity, too bland, maybe too old? Grade: Drinkable.

4. 2014 Raymond Field Blend, "Lot 5". CA. $10.99. 5 grape blend that is quite tasty and a real bargain at the price. Dry and punchy, not a WbC (Wine by Committee) red by any means. Grade: solid B/B+.

5. 2015 Ch. Laussac, Bordeaux. $14.99. 91-93 points from the WA critic. From the Entre Deux Mers region, a simple Bordeaux AO, this is a pretty good wine for EDM, but if you are expecting something like a good classed growth Bordeaux at that rating, no chance. Could use a year or two in the cellar, it is dark, fairly rich, dry and has good acidity. Simple Bordeaux that really should retail at about $10-12, but 93 points gets the extra bucks I guess. Grade: solid B.

6. 2015 Tinazzi, "Dugal", Veneto, $13.99. Cabernet/Merlot blend. "Dugal" is short for Due Galli, or two roosters, supposedly referring to the two "French" grapes they use in this wine. Anyway, normally I am not real interested in Cab or Merlot from Italy, but other vintages of this wine have been pretty tasty and have a nice Veneto twist to them, so... I sprung for one. This is big, dark, intense black cherry, spice and herb in the nose, dry and good acidity on the palate, nice finish, needs food. Grade: solid B/B+.

7. 2015 V. Roccamorra, Grecanico. Sicily. $6.99. Brand new vintage, it is fresh, crisp, clean and quaffable, but don't expect more. Simple wine. Grade: B (The only wine I have tasted yet from this grape, which means "the Greek one").

8. "19 Crimes" Cabernet, Australia, $9.99. WbC red, touch sweet. Not my thing but it sells well. Grade: Drinkable.

9. "19 Crimes" Dark Red Blend, "The Banished". Drier than the Cab and loaded with black licorice and a sense of overripe/roasted Shiraz grapes. Not my thing either but more interesting than the Cab. Grade: B.

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