Nice review of the JedSteele wines in Terroirist by IsaacBaker:

The Steele wines sorta fly under the radar. Looking at their WebSite:
they make a pretty astonishing range of wines. I should revisit the Steele wines one of these days.

I have, of course, followed Jed from (before) the very start. First met him at a dinner at DarrellCorti's around '74-'75 (when I first met NormRoby). Jed was in grad school at UC/Davis then. He then went on to makes wines in '76 at Edmeades in the AndersonVlly. The Zins he made there were some of the greatest ever made in Calif. He made DuPratt/Anzelloti/Pacini vnyds famous. His CortiReserve Cab '78 was one of the greatest Calif Cabs I've ever had.
He then left Edmeades for Kendall-Jackson and then started his own wnry in '91. What I've tasted over the yrs of Jed's wines I don't think they've ever achieved the greatness he had at Edmeades. At least in terms of intensity & extract. They are now much more polished & balanced. His ShootingStar BlauFrankisch/Lemberger is usually one of my favorites.
His son, Quincy, is now heavily involved in the brand. Once attended a presentation he made at a ASWE convention in LasVegas. The talk was an absolute hoot.
I need to revisit Jed's wines again.

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