Interesting article in F&W by RayIsle on old-vine vnyds:

As I was reading it, I came across a paragraph lamenting (sort of) the loss of all the old-tree apple orchards in SonomaCnty as they were replaced w/ the far more profitable wine grape vnyds.

It is well-known the reverence many winemakers have for these old-vine vnyds as producing superior wines. The thought occurred to me, w/ the blossoming of the market for craft ciders, do these cidermakers have the same reverence for old-tree orchards in making their ciders?? Or is there any emphasis in varietal labeling of these craft ciders? So that they could charge more for their craft ciders?? Or are these cidermakers schmucks and haven't learned what their winemaker brethern learned long ago??

Curious minds and all that.