I rarely post about Virginia wines, but these I particularly wanted to share:

Barboursville Winery Fiano Reserve Monticello Va. 2015

Faint yellow in the glass. White flowers and almond on the nose which then carries over on the palate in a most definite way. Oily mouthfeel; not so much as a Riesling might be, but much more so than a Chenin Blanc. Very linear. An interesting wine, but not a compelling wine. 13% alc. With scrambled eggs, following the Daytona 500 (Kurt Busch won the wreck-fest.). 02.26.17. Recommended with reservations.

Linden Vineyards Boisseau (Va) 2005

The nose is rich saddle leather, plum, cherry, eucalyptus, mint and black berry. In short eh nose is deep and expressive, drawing you in time and time again. Each of those scents transition into flavors - distinct, clean, clear and rich on the mouth. Licorice comes in with the mint and the all give way to a finish of chocolate. A stunning wine. The blend is 44% Cab. Franc, 35% Petit Verdot and 21% Merlot. 14.7% alc. With bone-in pork chops in balsamic sauce. 02.16.15. Recommended and very close to Highly Recommended.

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