A very well-done article by MattKettmann (who I'm beginning to really like his writing, despite my disdain for TheWineEnthusiast...probably because of the SteveHeimhoff connection) on the EdnaValley:

He pretty much covers all the movers&shakers there, probably there aren't that many m&s there. I've always wondered why the EdnaVlly remains such an under-appreciated vinous backwash, because there are some terrific wines that come from there.

I learn that Wolff grows Teroldego. Gotta get me some of that.
I learn that Sawyer-LindquistVnyd is now known as SlideHillVnyd.

Trivia Question: Who was the winemaker who came to CorbettCanyon and drove it to success?? Hints: Came down from the ShenandoahVlly and then eventually went to Sterling. GiveawayHint: His son now makes wines that are ubiquitous around the Nation and very fairly priced. BonusPoints: Sing for us the entire song that CorbettCanyon used in their ads. SuperBonusPoints: If you can sing that ditty and not have "Canyon...Canyon...Canyon" resonating in your brain for the next hour.

Anyway....a very good read. Highlighted in today's Terroirist, of course.