Tried this last night:
1. ENO Grenache EaglePointRanch/MendoCnty SashaVerhage 2011: Med.color; quite fragrant Grenache/strawberry/very spicy/balsamic braised strawberries bit earthy/Mendo tomatoey/bit mushroomy rather exotic/Mendo garrigue complex slight herbal/basil nose; soft bit tomatoey/earthy/mushroomy strong Grenache/strawberry/Mendo garrigue light vanilla/oak fairly complex smooth/graceful flavor w/ light smooth/velvety tannins; very long/lingering rather light vanilla/oak strong Grenache/strawberry complex/Mendo garrigue finish w/ light graceful/smooth tannins; probably at its peak or beyond; speaks strongly of Grenache and the Mendo garrigue; some like a Rhonish CdR, some like a 15 yr old Jaffurs Grenache; quite a lovely easy-drinking red. $nc (KZ)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. This was a wine gifted me by KenZinns right off the bottling line some time ago, w/ a hand-drawn label afixed. This was grown when Casey was still the farmer extraordinaire at Eaglepoint. Clearly, we should thank a guy on a tractor for this wine.
2. Garrigue: This is a term often used in describing the unique scent found in SouthernRhone wines. It hails from the pungent oils emitted by the rosemary & thyme & other herbs that grow in the area around the vnyds and settle on the grapes, imparting their distinct smell & flavor. It is often found in mountain wines in MendoCnty, coming from the oils emitted into the air from the alternative crops growing nearby, though not nearly as prevalent as found in the HumboltCnty wines.