Very nicely done article by AnneKrebiehl on Austria's Weinviertel in the latest WineEnthusiast:

I've been buying the IngridGroiss wines for several yrs now and absolutely love them. We visited her last Sept and gifted her a btl of the Carlisle GrunerVeltliner...which she was impressed with.
Also been buying from WineMonger the Ebner-Ebenauer wines and love them as well.
The two other featured producers I've not (yet) tried.

I liked the quote:
"The Weinviertel is love at second sight. You have to take a good look before its beauty becomes evident".
'Tis true. The gently rolling hills are not nearly so dramatic as in the Wachau, but quite lovely in a serene sort of wine, pockmarked w/ many little villages.

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