As linked in Terroirist, TomWark poses an interesting question:

about the creation of a hail shield in Burgundy and if it is, thereby, altering the sacrosanct "terroir" of Burgundy.

I find it interesting that a BioDynamic grower in Burgundy, who would be loath to add SO2 or tartaric or yeast (but has absolutely no ethical problem w/ chaptalization) to his wine endorses this wholesale corruption of the Burgundy "terroir".
Just like in the real world around us today, it is increasingly occupied by nothing but hypocrites.

The positions that people take on this issue are utterly predictable. The lovers of Burgundy wine will shrug their shoulders and argue that it makes for better wines and, therefore, this naked corruption of Burgundy "terroir" is perfectly OK. Those others will gleefully point out that this unethical modification of Burgundy "terroir" is corrupt and evil and, gawd-forbid, if it is ever used in Barolo or SantaYnez. As for me...who doesn't give a rat's a$$ about Burgundy..."meh". Of course, we'll never know which side is "right" until SweetAlice weighs in on the subject.

Anyway...a very interesting/thought-provoking article by Tom. his best [potstirring.gif] mode.

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