Not being in the mood last night for a serious wine, I cracked:
1. Giocato PinotGrigio (12%; AugustWineGroup/Seattle) Aleks Simcic/VinskaKlet/GoriskaBrda/Slovenia 2015: Light yellow color; strong quite stony/chalky/mineral/steely light pear/apple/PG bit perfumed talc very terroir-driven nose; light very stony/mineral/chalky/metallic very tart/tangy crisp/bright slight green apple/pear/PG bright/sprightly/nervy flavor; very long very tart/tangy/metallic quite chalky/mineral/stony light PG/green apple finish; a nervy/electrifying/bright terroir-driven Friuli PG at a great price. $12.00
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. I hate wines like this. It was a lip-smacking good wine that keeps you coming back for anuther glass until...all of a sudden..the btl is drained. Hate that.
2. Aleks Simcic is the son of EdiSimcic, one of my most favorite of Slovene producers. The GoriskaBrda region in Slovenia is one of the most beautiful wine regions in the World. Drinking this PG transported me immediately back into the lovely village of VinskaKlet last Oct.