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Without reading the article, I was trying to picture a hailstone shield. My mind went a bit goofy doing so. However, learning that it involves generators of silver iodide, I now understand.
And my first question would be about the silver iodide and its effects on the biodynamic or organic nature of viticulture. Sounds like a chemical addition to me, albeit indirectly.

Unlike you, I'm a Burgundy fan so it is of some concern. Maybe I'll research this particular chemical a bit.

The more esoteric issue of its effect on terroir is beyond me. Terroir itself is a rabbit hole concept, in my opinion. Not saying it doesn't exist, just saying it's hard to describe. Maybe it's like obscenity - one knows it when you see (taste) it.
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Gasp!! You're gonna get thrown out of the winemaking fraternity w/ heresy like that, Jim!!

There's a fraternity?
Man, I'm always out of the loop.
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It comes with a tee-shirt and everything. Man bun is optional.

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