Steve brought this dessert wine to our BBB last night:
1. MayDie Tannat Vintage Red Madiran Wine (17%; 2012: Very dark/near black color; rather alcoholic very intense/grapey/black cherry cola/boysenberry/overripe bit pruney rather complex nose; quite sweet rather hot/alcoholic intense boysenberry/black cherry cola/chocolaty soft flavor w/ some smooth/ripe tannins; very long/lingering quite sweet soft pretty hot/alcoholic intense grapey/black cherry cola/boysenberry/overripe finish w/ some soft/ripe tannins; very much like a Banyuls Doux but not so intensely grapey; a rather interesting dessert wine. $25.00/500ml
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. This was very much like Banyuls Doux wine, which is made from Grenache, mostly. Presumably made from very ripe grapes and fortified to stop fermentation and leave some RS. This was better than most Banyuls that I can recall in that it had more structure and was a bit more interesting.
I'd never heard of a Madiran Doux before.

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