Carton Brewing Company
IDIPA India Pale Ale
American IPA
New Jersey
16oz, 4-Pack
Modest finger worth of a head, cream white with light dimpling across the surface, retention is below average and the lacing presents a surprising lack of stickiness. Filmy deep orange colored liquid, closer to transparent than opaque, barely any bubbles visible. The nose is powerful and aggressive with sour orange to grapefruit citrus, pine cones, pepper, salted pretzels and plenty of green leafy matter, the melon, apricot, pineapple fruit oddly lacks staying power, leaving it spicy and earthy rather than fruity. In the mouth it's medium-bodied with nice firm compactness, not parching but definitely dry. Pineapple, mango, nectarine to peach fruit, concentration no juice. The peppery, spicy edge dominates and what carbonation is there tends to jab and prickle rather than gently churn. Minimal florality but there's a fair amount of breadiness and biscuit notes. The citrus comes across as mixed and indistinct and a minor bit player. The earthiness and leafiness relentless in being the final word in the conversation. Not easy drinking but has personality and makes you take it on its terms.
3 out of 5