TedRieger has an interesting article in Wines&Vines on Teroldego:

I was first befuddled by the mention of PeltierWnry in Lodi but then realized that this was not the same as JanisDenner's PelletiereEstate in PasoRobles, which also grows Teroldego.
It mentions that the big boys (Gallo/SutterHome) are mostly interested in Teroldego because of the dark color it brings to blends, particularly for PinotNoir. I can't think of anything that would improve a Pinot than Teroldego. This aspect of Teroldego is of little interest to me. Teroldego makes a terrific single varietal wine. Just ask ElisabettaForadori.
It appears that most of the Teroldego plantings are in non-primo areas. Mostly the SanJoaquinVlly. It misses the plantings in PasoRobles/SantaBarbara, the source of the best Teroldegos.
I noticed that RodSchatz/Peltier prices his Lodi Teroldego at $60/btl. If anything will kill the Teroldego market in Calif, that'll do it.
His article overlooks the best producers of Calif Teroldego: Harrington/PelletiereEstate/Bevela/WolffVnyd.

I have, of course, followed Calif Teroldego from the very start...JimClendenen's IlPodere in the late '90's. It's not agonna be the "next big thing" in Calif, but I think it can make exceptional wine. Maybe, someday, as good as Elisabetta's or Donati.

Anyway, an interesting article.