Azienda Agricola Bianchi Guiseppe (Sizzano) Gattinara 1990

13% Imported by Dufour, NJ

Established in 1785, Bianchi is a lesser known Alto Piedmont producer. Not sure why they are not better known. Maybe the production is very small.

No notes taken but this is a very nice bottle of Gattinara. Perhaps not the best example but a very good one. Very traditional, typical Gattinara that improved while we had it open. Lots of cloudy sediment even though it was stood up for a day. It has a very reasonable amount of flavor, depth and concentration. The nose is penetrating and typical. Racy acidity. All in all, a very nice drink but at the same time, it comes across at the level of a very nice Nebbiolo 'd Alba.

This exceeded all expectations, which were low. I actually liked this a lot better than the 1999 Monprivato I had the night before! Hard to believe. This was a wine I was afraid I'd never drink because I wasn't very excited by it - a cellar orphan so to speak. So I've been trying to drink some of these in the summer when I'm not very interested in drinking the really good stuff. This wine can last for quite awhile and perhaps improve.


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