Guiseppe Mascarello Barolo Monprivato 1999

13.5% Bottle 12117 out of 26342 750s. Imported by Triage Wines, Seattle WA

Interesting that this was imported in my hometown as I recall getting this pre-arrival from the East Coast?

Monprivato is a famous vineyard in the Castiglione Falleto section of barolo.

Aromatically reticent when opened and indeed all night. Chalky, chewy and lots of rose. This was very elegant, smooth and full of interlocking small details. Very balanced without racy acidity. Very light. It didn't really taste like Barolo to me. Not sure what I would have thought though, if tasted blind. My wife didn't know what it was nor its reputation or price and she really liked it, calling it out a few days later. I knew what it was and had seen all the glowing reviews on Cellartracker and I wasn't really impressed.I liked the Bianchi Gattinara 1990 that we had the next night better. Did we even drink the same wine as the Cellartracker folks? Doesn't seem like it. Either this was mildly corked - stripped of fruit or it was the standard description of Monprivato - closed, too young, thin, light, elegant,not showing much. Or I really don't care for the Monprivato style. I'm more of a fan of in your face wines that are rustic and powerful as opposed to wines whose calling card is elegance and smoothness. This would fit with my tasting of the 1988 Monprivato, which I thought was very light, elegant and full of small details but that didn't speak much to me. (Thanks CJ for the opportunity). This is also in line with my tasting of the Barolos from Sobrero which are a blend of Villero and Monprivato - they are light and full of details and the 1982 seems like a long ways from maturity.

I knew the odds were against me on this wine but the notes on Cellartracker convinced me that this was a Monprivato that could be enjoyed now and anyways, I was determined to open one of my nicest bottles from 1999 for this special occasion. I preferred this over drinking a less prestigious wine that might have been more accessible.

Decanted for 5 hours into a pitiful little carafe such that the wine completely filled it. The guy at the restaurant had a heck of a time opening the wine. It should have been filmed....he made it so dramatic! Anyways we had a very nice night and my family appreciated the gesture.


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