Was at my sister's crib for a wedding two weekends ago. The night after the wedding we had a nice dinner of bbq butterflied leg of lamb with trimmings. I cracked two Baroli from my stash in their "caves".

1. 1996 Francesco Rinaldi, Barolo "Brunate". Bought a sixpack of 96 F. Rinaldi Barolo, 3 bottles of Cannubi and 3 of Brunate. This is the fourth bottle. Each has been quite disappointing, I am thinking they got damaged by heat before I bought them. Little fruit, too much acid, and a slightly murky color with a brown tinge with this bottle, and breathing did not help. Wine was 3/4 of the way up the cork, perhaps from heat? Also surprised at the small size of the cork. Anyway, what on paper should have been a knockout continued the pattern of disappointment. Grade: Drinkable but not enjoyable. Drinkable if you do not mind punishing yourself. smile
Two of these bad boys left, one of each I think.

2. The backup came through, the 1993 Tenuta Carretta Barolo "Cannubi". Next to last bottle of a case bought in 1998. Always reliable, this wine had a nice floral nose and enough fruit to satisfy, tannins pretty silky now, at 24 years of age it is still kicking it but... I think it's best days are now behind it and it is in a slow fade, brick/garnet color showing just a touch of caramel. Of course, I could be totally wrong and the next, and last bottle, will be the best. smile Grade: solid B/B+ for this one, previous bottles were very fine indeed.


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